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Jun 15, 2023

Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic chargers in 2023

Don’t let your smartwatch run out of juice After an absence of one year, the “classic” Samsung smartwatch is back in the form of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. It has the much-loved physical rotating

Don’t let your smartwatch run out of juice

After an absence of one year, the “classic” Samsung smartwatch is back in the form of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. It has the much-loved physical rotating bezel and a bunch of exciting improvements, including larger batteries. All this will undoubtedly help it find a place among our best Android smartwatch recommendations. But, even with larger batteries, it will still require a charge almost daily, especially if you use the always-on display. While you can use the bundled fast wireless charger, several alternatives on the market aim to make the charging process a little more convenient. Here are some of the best options to get you started.

This official Samsung wireless charger is a great way to juice up your phone and the Watch 6 Classic simultaneously. There are two charging spots, and while one is meant for phones, you can use the other for either the smartwatch or your wireless earbuds. Plus, if you own a Samsung phone, you’ll be happy to know that it’s one of the few wireless chargers to offer 15W wireless charging for your phone.

As the name suggests, this 3-in-1 charger from Samsung can be used to charge your Watch 6 Classic and two other devices simultaneously. Notably, one of the charging slots is exclusive to Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, but the other two can be used by phones, earbuds, and more. Unfortunately, while the Trio is great for charging up to three devices simultaneously, it’s not the fastest charger for Samsung phones.

Trami offers an affordable charging station that can simultaneously juice up your phone, earbuds, and the Watch 6 Classic. It’s a good option for your bedside table and overnight charging. It houses two USB-C connectors to top up your phone and a pair of earbuds. There is also a wireless charging slot for the Samsung smartwatches. Moreover, the USB-C charging connector for the phone is adjustable, and there is space to accommodate even the thickest of cases.

It’s not always possible to access a wall outlet. So the Phelinta Portable Watch Charger can help you in such situations. Think of it like a wireless power bank for your Watch 6 Classic. It has a 1,800mAh battery, which should be enough to deliver at least two full charges to your smartwatch. It also doesn’t take up much space and uses USB-C for power. So you can use the same wired charger you use for your phone to juice it up.

Although, unlike Samsung phones, the Galaxy Watch models are bundled with a charger. But it can only be in one place at a time. So you can buy the official version if you want a spare for your office or car. At under $40, it’s not the cheapest charger, but at least you won’t have to worry about compatibility or other issues. You get the same coin-tyle charger with a USB-C connector in the smartwatch box.

Built for Samsung devices, the Metmoon Multi Charging Station features a detachable watch charging slot, which you can either use with the station or separately with your computer or a power brick’s USB-C port. The charging station has two other wireless charging slots – one for phones and the other for wireless earbuds. The phone slot will deliver up to 10W power to your Samsung phone.

This is another multi-device charging station for the Android ecosystem. But unlike other offerings, it only charges the Galaxy Watch wirelessly. Other devices, such as your phone and wireless earbuds, are juiced up via the USB-C port. So you get slightly faster charging, but only a little, as it uses power from an 18W Quick Charge 3.0 power brick.

While this is not a dedicated charger like our other recommendations, it will convert your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic charger into a stand for convenient charging. It has a precise slot to house the company’s official watch charger, and then you can simply slot in your smartwatch whenever you need to charge. Although it’s marketed for the Watch 5, it will also work with Watch 6 Classic because both use the same charger.

Samsung offers an official charger cradle for the official Galaxy Watch charger to make the charging process more accessible and convenient. It has a dual-tone design with space to slot your Galaxy Watch charger. But keep in mind it won’t work for third-party watch chargers. Once you have slotted in the charger, you can place the watch on the top to juice it up. The only issue is that the charger cable goes through the front, which isn’t aesthetically pleasing.

This is another excellent stand for the official Galaxy Watch charger, but it’s arguably more fun and cuter than our other two recommendations. It also comes in six exciting colors. While the company markets it for the Watch 5, you can use it with the Watch 6 Classic. In other features, it uses silicone for a soft feel and includes space for easy cable management to keep a clean look.

As Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic needs as much charging as your phone, getting something that can top up both devices simultaneously is convenient. This is why we like Samsung’s 15W Wireless Charger Duo. It’s an excellent wireless charger that will juice up both devices relatively fast and doesn’t require you to mess around with cables daily.

You can also spend a bit more and get the company Trio version that, as the name suggests, has three charging spots. One is reserved for the smartwatch, but you can use the other two for two phones or your phone and earbuds.

But if you want something that offers bang for the buck, the Trami Charging Station is worth considering. It costs under $20 and can charge your phone, earbuds, and the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic. However, you won’t get the fastest charging speeds on your phone. So it’s a better option for overnight charging.

It’s normal for mobile devices, including smartwatches, to get slightly warm while charging. It’s more common in wireless charging as there is more wastage of energy during the conversion of magnetic energy to electric power in your device. This wasted energy is released as heat, which causes your phone or smartwatch to warm up.

So, some heat is normal, and this is why some wireless charger manufacturers include a fan to keep things cool. But unusually high temperatures or burning smell can be problematic and a precursor to an unfortunate incident. In such cases, it’s wise to remove your device from charging and wait for things to cool down. If the same thing repeats on the next charge, contact the charger manufacturer and ask for a fix or replacement.

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